“It is a confluence where the simple flow of water recreates the forgotten harmony between human beings and the elements of Nature”.

Lutum clay, Oleum, Strigilis: the Roman Massage Ritual at the Spa



Imagine lying in an ancient ambiance and feeling the flow across your skin of the “Yellow Gold” sacred to the Gods: extra virgin olive oil. By way of a deep entrancing massage, the oil prepares the muscles of the entire body for the application of hot thermal mud, an reinvigorating remedy that comes from the Earth. Once the mud is applied to the torso and limbs, another massage follows with the use of a strigilis. This specially shaped ancient instrument is used by knowing hands to scrape away oil and mud, and at the same time to give new energy and tone to the muscles with rubbing and pressing motions. For deeply hydrated, elastic, glowing skin in a state of healthy relaxation.




approximately 80 minutes

€ 100,00

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