“Fresh milk every morning, vegetables straight from the garden, wood crackling in the oven where bread is baking: not only the food, but the aroma and flavors will always remind you of us.”




The sense of smell allows us to perceive reality in a way that is more direct and primitive, discerning not only the body but the “psyche” as well. Invisible but nevertheless present, scent is essentially “communication”. The aromatherapy massage: or rather, the use of the properties of essential oils, the world’s oldest health remedy. This is an age-old tradition, already highlighted by Hippocrates in the Fifth Century B.C. and taken up by natural medicine due to its undisputed effectiveness. The treatment instills an overall sense of wellbeing, relaxation and regained energy. It relaxes the body and soul, extending its beauty benefits to the skin and figure.




approximately 50 minutes

€ 80,00

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