“I let pink marble, water and trees into your rooms. Then I shut out the tv, internet and the everyday hustle and bustle that keeps you from enjoying your time”.



Terme di Sassetta’s water is rich in sulphates, calcium, precious minerals and oligoelements. It springs forth naturally from the Earth at a temperature of 51° C and feeds the spa facilities, inspired by the architectonic traditions of Etruscan and Roman spas. This water contains sulphates and calcium (Aut. D.M. n° 3927 del 21/10/09); due to its particular composition and concentration of elements, it has significant therapeutic benefits for the skin, respiratory system and musculoskeletal system.

Its chemical and physical properties are as follows:

  • fixed residue 1582 mg/l
  • fluorine 1.3 mg/l
  • chlorides 31 mg/l
  • total hardness 102 °F
  • sulphates 942 mg/l
  • pH 6,9
  • free carbon dioxide 31 mg/l
  • bicarbonates 171 mg/l
  • magnesium 57 mg/l
  • sodium 26 mg/l
  • electrical conductivity 1630 µs/cm
  • calcium 340 mg/l
  • potassium 6 mg/l
  • nitrates 1,2 mg/l

The spa path

The spa is situated amongst chestnut and oak woods in a building that seems to have been taken back in time. Water surges from the cascades of the central column and external walls, and from the hydromassage showers and baths for the neck, back and feet. It then flows along as a cascading stream from the hottest of the pools all the way to the final outdoor pool, amid jets, splashes and rivulets that enhance this path, which are reinvigorating for the body and mind.

Terme di Sassetta’s complete spa path is comprised of :

  • hyperthermal indoor balneotherapy pool, (37°C- 38°C) with whirlpools and cascades
  • outdoor balneotherapy pool (35°C- 36°C) with whirlpools and waterfalls
  • outdoor balneotherapy pool (30°C- 32°C)
  • river stone sweat chamber
  • multi-sensory showers, chromotherapy and aromatherapy
  • bio sauna with aromatherapy using essential oils
  • Kneipp path: alternating cold and hot baths
  • herbal teas and infusions produced on our farm
  • relaxation area with solarium and sunbeds (on availability and not reservable)

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