“It is a confluence where the simple flow of water recreates the forgotten harmony between human beings and the elements of Nature”.



A stay at our farmhouses naturally complements your experience of extended wellbeing begun with a visit to the spa.

Our standard accommodation includes half-board (dinner, overnight accommodation and breakfast). All of the rooms are ensuite and far from the usual “technological temptations”, and each room is unique, inspired by one of the elements and natural resources that embrace us in this splendid valley. With water, Earth, woods or pink marble, each room is a page from a story that you can read to discover the essence of our farm and to experience all the surroundings that distinguish La Cerreta: 70 hectares of verdant wide open space, wooded hills, olive groves and animal farms.


Per accompagnare la vostra esperienza al percorso termale, proponiamo menù che variano di giorno in giorno, equilibrati, salutari e gustosi.
I piatti sono preparati quasi esclusivamente con i prodotti biologici e biodinamici della nostra azienda.

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