“Taking care of yourself is an ancient art, a perfect mix of elements and knowledge.  We mix water, yogurt, oil, produce from the kitchen garden, medicinal plants and the natural flow of the seasons”.



What does the spa path include?

Are there indoor and outdoor pools?

The spa path is comprised of a 38°C indoor pool and a series of outdoor pools with temperatures varying between 36°C and 24°C.  The indoor pool and the first outdoor pool are connected directly by a passageway in the water

What is the water temperature of the pools?

The hottest pool is the calidarium with a temperature of 38°C, the tepidarium is 36°C and the frigidariumè is 24°C

How old must children be to access the spa?

Our Health Director has established that all areas of the spa can be accessed by children who are at least 5 years old. Younger children cannot access the spa.

Are reservations necessary?

Reservations are necessary on holidays and weekends, and are strongly advised on other days.  Entrance is by limited number to guarantee the maximum comfort for guests.

Are there specific entrance times?

See the section Times and Prices at our site. By clicking here you can find out about opening times and reserve your entrance at the time you desire.

What is needed to access the spa pools

To access the spa the following are necessary: bathrobe, towel, swimming cap and flip-flops. You can bring your own or rent the towel (€ 3,00) or bathrobe (€ 5,00) or purchase the swimming cap (€ 2,00) and flip-flops (€ 4.00)

Is a swimming cap compulsory?

Yes, your hair must be gathered up under a swimming cap! If your head is shaved (shorter than half a centimeter) you may choose to do without.

Is there direct access from the rooms to the Spa?

None of the rooms have direct access to the Spa.  The farmhouses where the rooms are located, the spa building and the restaurant are connected by paved or gravel outside paths that cross the courtyard of the farm and the woods surrounding us.

How far is the spa from the rooms and restaurant?

The spa is 50 m from the La Cerreta main farmhouse, which houses two of the guest rooms and the restaurant.  All other rooms are closer, just 30 m from the Spa entrance

Will I find towels for the spa in my room?

Rooms have face towels and body towels; towels for the spa pools may be rented at reception.

Can I bring my dog or cat?

We regret that it is not possible to bring pets to the spa due to current health regulations.  We ask our guests not to bring animals into the restaurant: unfortunately, many guests do not appreciate their presence.  In some rooms it is impossible to accept animals due to furnishings or flooring (parquet and resin); however, in others it is possible with payment of a supplement for cleaning the room.

Do reservations require a deposit?

A deposit is not necessary for entrance, treatment and restaurant reservations. It is necessary for groups of more than 5 people and for room reservations.

Are there lockers where I can leave my clothes?

Yes, at reception at the time of entrance each guest is given a key to a locker where they may leave their personal effects.

Will I find soap, shampoo and shower gel in the locker rooms?

No, sorry!  You must provide your own products for use in the shower

Should I bring my own hairdryer?

It is not necessary: there are hairdryers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms.

Can we bring sun beds or chaise longues?

Sorry: sunbeds and chaise lounges are made available to guests during their time along the spa path, and they may be used freely in turns.  We ask that you not leave your towels or bathrobes on them while you are in the water 

What will I find to drink inside the spa?

Water, herbal teas and infusions produced on our farm are available and included in the entrance fee.

What will I find to eat inside the spa?

By request and at an additional cost you will find plain yogurt made on our farm, accompanied by fresh fruit or fruit under syrup, fruit smoothies or fruit salads

Can I bring in food or drinks from outside?

Sorry, but it is not possible to bring in food or drinks from outside.

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