Observe, listen, savor
Live experience in perfect synergy with nature
Terme di Sassetta

La Cerreta and Terme di Sassetta form a unique biodynamic organism set in the Poggio Neri forest park.

Terme di Sassetta thermal spa is a path of “extended wellbeing” and an experience in vibrant harmony in a stimulating and authentic setting. It is an important piece in a mosaic where human wellbeing is found through listening and self-discovery in the system of earthly and cosmic energies.

  • “It is a confluence where the simple flow of water recreates the forgotten harmony between human beings and the elements of Nature”.

  • “I let pink marble, water and trees into your rooms. Then I shut out the tv, internet and the everyday hustle and bustle that keeps you from enjoying your time”.

  • “ Taking care of yourself is an ancient art, a perfect mix of elements and knowledge.  We mix water, yogurt, oil, produce from the kitchen garden, medicinal plants and the natural flow of the seasons”.

  • “Fresh milk every morning, vegetables straight from the garden, wood crackling in the oven where bread is baking: not only the food, but the aroma and flavors will always remind you of us.”

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